The Largest Indic Library in North America

धर्मवादिङ्गुरून् सर्वानार्यसंस्कृतिरक्षकान्।

तं स्मराचयनं कृत्वा तान् सर्वान् प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

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Why Smaracaya?

For centuries, Indic knowledge has been destroyed or taken by foreigners, many of whom not only have little intention to use it for the benefit of Dharma, but also take our knowledge and use it against us by claiming it as their own or twisting words to fit their political needs. Many of our books, our civilization's collective memory, lie in their hands now, and lie out of reach from the Dharmic scholars who need such resources for their work.

To that end, we intend to build a digital library, consisting of any and all information relating to Dharmic civilizations, managed and operated by those who will always act in the best interests of Dharma.

Already, thousands of books have been pledged and delivered to us and are in the process of being uploaded and organized. By the time we have uploaded all the books which have been delivered to us, we shall have available to all Dharmic Scholars one of the largest Indic Libraries in all of North America!